battersea power station
London, UK

Battersea Power Station

In 2020, DRK Lighting was approached to assist with the restoration of Battersea Power Station, one of London’s most iconic buildings

The project involved the fabrication of 750 linear fittings to replicate an old T5 appearance with a rounded, curved diffuser disguised to look like tubing. The challenge of this project was to create a lighting system that would blend in with the building’s historic architecture while providing adequate lighting for the space. DRK Lighting worked closely with the project team to understand their requirements and specifications.

Our expertise in lighting design and fabrication led to the development of a bespoke solution that involved the use of custom-made linear fittings that replicated the old T5 appearance, providing an authentic vintage look.

The fittings were also made with energy-efficient LEDs, reducing energy consumption and minimising the building’s carbon footprint. This project is a prime example of DRK Lighting’s ability to provide innovative solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient.


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