We are an OER (Original Equipment Remanufacturer). This means we prioritise energy-efficient, low-waste lighting by championing lighting remanufacture and circular lighting.

How will lighting remanufacture benefit my business?

  • Significant energy savings
  • Cost savings over product lifespan
  • A reduced ecological footprint, helping you align with incoming legislation and UN 2050 guidelines
  • Improving your business' ethical legitimacy by contributing to the circular economy and helping the environment

What is lighting remanufacture?

Remanufacturing involves creating carbon- neutral lighting by giving products a second life that matches or even surpasses the original in quality. It combines reused, repaired, and new parts, with a warranty that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with brand-new items.

The term also can relate to conversions which involve updating the light source in existing products, such as transitioning to LEDs.

During these techniques all fittings are assessed through our rigorous Remanufacturing processes.



Our Remanufacturing Process

Our processes are designed to encourage a circular economy. This not only means achieving energy efficiency but also extending the life cycle of products to reduce waste. Our process places importance on:

Our processes are designed to support the circular economy by achieving energy efficiency and extending product lifecycles.

Our main goal as an original equipment remanufacturer is to minimise waste, so we have devised what we call our OER Processing Flowchart to follow the waste hierarchy to prioritise prevention; if it's an item already made, we reuse it anywhere we can. If that fails, we repair the item to be reused. If that is still too much of a long shot we recover whatever we can to be donors to other fittings and finally, we do everything we can to avoid disposal, but on the occasion we do we make sure to recycle and discard according to the WEEE Directive's guidelines.

As one of the UK's major Original Equipment Remanufacturers, we champion lighting remanufacture, conversions, Retrofit Lighting and Modular Lighting to lead the charge towards a sustainable future, benefiting not only our clients and end users but also our precious planet.

As one of the UK's major Original Equipment Remanufactures we are championing upcycling, remanufacturing, and conversions, and leading the charge towards a sustainable future, benefiting not only our clients and end-users but also our precious planet.



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