London, UK

BP Silver Samoa

BP are expecting to move into their new global headquarters in 2024. In 2022, DRK became part of this Canary Wharf redevelopment and supplied lighting solutions for their BP Silver Samoa project. This project required innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions that were eye-catching, futuristic, and functional.

The project involved linear luminaires installed in straight runs integrated into ceiling tiles, strategically placed to provide even lighting throughout the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, circular ring-style linear luminaires give a contemporary touch to the design. We placed these luminaires in crucial areas to highlight and accentuate the space’s architectural features. DRK Lighting also fabricated a bespoke, curved linear profile created to look unique and striking.

All of these lighting solutions were designed with energy efficiency in mind. DRK Lighting utilised energy-efficient LED to reduce energy consumption and minimise the building’s carbon footprint. This value-engineered lighting approach provided BP with significant cost savings over the lifetime of the lighting installation.

The bespoke solutions provided by DRK Lighting met all of BP’s requirements and created a visually stunning and energy-efficient space.


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