London, UK

Dorset Office Space

DRK Lighting completed a successful lighting remanufacture project for a well-known, but anonymous office space in Dorset in 2019. The project involved the conversion of 70 fittings from 54W lamps to 30W as part of DRK’s commitment to renewable and retrofit lighting.

The project was necessary because the old fittings were consuming too much energy and not providing adequate lighting to the space, and our remanufacturing resulted in a more comfortable and productive working environment.

The client was pleased with the results and appreciated DRK’s commitment to sustainability. DRK Lighting’s remanufacturing process is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for clients looking to upgrade their lighting systems. By converting old fittings to newer and more energy-efficient models, DRK is helping to reduce waste and carbon emissions while saving clients money on their energy bills. At DRK Lighting, we are assisting our clients to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.


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