finsbury square
London, UK

Finsbury Square

In 2020, DRK remanufactured three fittings for a Finsbury Square project. The main challenge of this project was the need to replace the three fittings that were outdated and no longer efficient, but to match the original art-deco design as closesly as possible.

The fittings were originally designed with 100W GLS lamps, which were not energy-efficient and resulted in a high electricity bill for the client and these were replaced with 10W COB chips. This upgrade allowed the fittings to consume less energy while providing the same outputs. The COB chips also offered a longer lifespan, which meant that the client would not need to replace the lamps frequently.

The upgraded fittings not only provided better lighting but also helped save on energy costs. Our innovative approach to lighting remanufacture and fabrication proved to be successful in meeting the client’s needs and requirements.



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