prescot street
London, UK

Prescot Street

DRK Lighting recently worked on a Prescot Street project in 2023 where we provided an extensive range of lighting solutions for the development. We supplied suspended, direct and indirect linear fittings, recessed LED downlights, LED strip and profile, surface mount LED globe fittings, suspended emergency exit signs and in-ground external lighting for the terrace. We also supplied surface mount LED downlights in what we call ‘can’ style, because as the name suggests they are shaped like cans.

Our team’s primary focus was to provide Value Engineered lighting solutions that would not only meet the project’s quality requirements but also reduce energy consumption and cost. We used energy-efficient LEDs and modular lighting whioch are part of our circular lighting initiatives to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

At DRK Lighting, we take pride in providing Value Engineered lighting solutions that meet our clients’ specifications while promoting sustainability.


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