the royal arsenal
London, UK

The Royal Arsenal, Woolwich

As a leading Original Equipment Remanufacturer (OER) in the UK, we completed a successful remanufacturing project for the Woolwich Royal Arsenal in 2021. This project is an excellent example of DRK Lighting’s commitment to sustainable lighting.

The project involved remanufacturing 18 fittings that were initially designed with 100W GLS lamps and were now in poor condition, with broken glass and rusted and dirty fittings.

We replaced the old lamps with 10W COB chips, which allowed the fittings to consume less energy while providing the same outputs. This upgrade provided better lighting and helped the client save on energy costs.

DRK’s remanufacturing process involves the refurbishment of old and damaged light fittings, which are brought back to life with our lighting restoration techniques. This approach not only helps to reduce waste and carbon emissions but also saves clients money by reducing their energy costs over time.

The Woolwich Royal Arsenal lighting project exemplifies DRK Lighting’s commitment to carbon neutral lighting. The remanufactured fittings provided better lighting and helped the client save while reducing their carbon footprint.


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