September 22, 2023

Clerkenwell DRK T-Shirt

Where has all the heat gone? There are supposed to be more sunny days to come over the next few weeks before the autumn really kicks in, so at DRK, we’re going to make the most of our t-shirt series. So, this week’s addition is our DRK Lighting ‘Kings of Luminaire’ design, promoting our Clerkenwell Showroom.

As our team has all been wearing DRK Lighting’s uniforms for a while now, we can confidently say that this shirt is a great addition! Firstly, the design is sleek, simple and modern, sporting a Basquiat-esque crown. The T-shirt itself is made from high-quality comfortable and durable material with breathability, which is important for those of us who work labour-intensive shifts. ‘Kings of Luminaire’ refers to our level of skill and expertise when it comes to creating lighting; we are confident that there is no limit to what we are capable of in this industry. DRK Lighting has been going for nearly ten years, but we have over 150 years of lighting experience in our team.



Our Clerkenwell Showroom has been a bit of a secret up until now, whilst we have been transforming the space up to DRK standards to make it something truly impressive. We are hoping to be ready for a launch event in November this year, and we are excited for you to see it. Clerkenwell is a notoriously creative area, well known for design-based businesses and home to Clerkenwell Design Week, which we hope to become a part of in future years.

To find out more about our showroom or to organise a visit, please get in touch at

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