January 9, 2023

DRK Lighting’s Brand Refresh

By D’Arcy May



If any of you with a sharp eye have noticed recently, DRK Lighting is currently undergoing a refresh of our brand. We have grown as a company, are taking on bigger projects and are always keen to evolve and adapt; and in that spirit, we have taken on a marketing director and are ready to hit the ground running for 2023.

We have built our reputation around the mission statement ‘Simply doing the Impossible’, which has served us well. Still, as innovators and pioneers in the industry, we wanted to forge ahead with our new mission to ‘Light the future’. We know what our team at DRK Lighting are capable of, and moving away from our old branding means we can grow to reach our full potential and consistently stay ahead of the curve. Our aim is to offer an unrivalled service, priding ourselves on our second-to-none customer relations and providing the best quality products and components.


DRK Lighting’s updated logo in blue

This update isn’t the first time we’ve rebranded; some might remember that we started off as DRK Lighting Remedies, and our logo was a bright orange gingerbread man that was based on our ginger-haired Owner and Managing Director, Darren Roper-Knight. Our new logo incorporates three vertical dots (in our signature bright orange still, of course), and these dots represent all things that DRK means to us: a sense of momentum, paving the way, energy, strength, positivity and most obviously as a lighting company – a beam of light.

We wanted to take the time to talk about this as transparency and honesty are key values of the DRK brand, and we wanted to promote the direction we are moving in. In Q1 this year, we look forward to having new catalogues covering our vast range of lighting products and a showroom (in Farringdon) to demonstrate these products in action. In addition to the great work we do on value engineering, we are now prepared to take the next step into the specification market.

In the meantime, you can now follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, and keep up to date with our industry insights on our Blog page on our website. Thank you to all of our clients that have supported us so far, and we are excited to see where the journey to Light the future can take us.

If you would like to find out more, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@drklighting.co.uk or give us a call on 0207 018 2202 between 7 am-6 pm.