February 28, 2023

Save and amaze with DRK Lighting’s value engineering


By D’Arcy May


DRK Lighting fully understands what you want from value engineering (VE), and we have been doing it for a long time. Through the years, we have evolved our process to source the very best quality luminaires that rival any of the major brands. The best-kept secret is that these amazing linears, these one-of-a-kind downlights, do, in fact, have twins. Providing the same aesthetics, same outputs, same gear, same reliability, same warranty but not the extortionate pricing that comes with the gigantic overheads of a conglomerate. 



Nowadays, you don’t need to be reticent to break specifications – DRK Lighting can provide equal or improved output, performance, sustainability and maintenance without diluting the creative vision and aesthetic. DRK Lighting has provided VE options to some of the most prestigious projects in London over the past decade and has built a deserved reputation for excellence. Some of the biggest names in tech, banking and energy have seen our products and taken the savings. They are where they are because they make informed decisions and are not afraid to challenge the norm.  



A quick look at the history of VE demonstrates its value as a problem-solving approach. During World War II, Lawrence Miles was responsible for buying raw materials for General Electric. The war caused extreme material shortages, resulting in Miles searching for alternatives that worked similarly. Eventually, he discovered that some other options were not only more cost-effective, but they also actually performed better. To this day, VE can still be a better solution than the original intent. 



DELAYS, DELAYS, DELAYS – broken promises on delivery times are common.

Another reason value engineering is a viable option at DRK Lighting is the rapid response times we are achieving to get your project back on track. Too often, the usual suspects change their lead times halfway through a build, and you are told production times will be another 8/12/16 weeks longer than expected. Take it or leave it? There was a time when there was no option but to accept the fact that the critical path was unachievable and handover, including financial penalties, was inevitable. DRK Lighting can guarantee a different outcome and has crafted a system of lightning speed and collaboration to deliver your project on time. Any challenge accepted by our talented team – we thrive on it. 



The final factor is that DRK Lighting’s after-sales care is probably the best in the business right now. We are always visible and communicative to give you peace of mind and satisfaction that we will resolve any problems immediately and without fuss. Over the years, we have been contacted and often stepped in to help regular clients whom we adore (we think the feeling’s mutual), who have been abandoned on projects we have had nothing to do with but problem-solve on their behalf. We will leave it there.

Don’t compromise on your design to reduce the expense; get in touch with DRK. Contact us today at info@drklighting.co.uk or call us on 0207 018 2202 between 7 am-6 pm. Or, for more information, head to our website!