October 10, 2023

DRK’s Chessington Expansion: Final T-shirt Design

Today marks the final T-shirt design in our new uniform series. And this is the one we are most excited about! We are thrilled to share with you that DRK Lighting is moving to our brand-new purpose-built facility in Chessington.

Our Wimbledon location served us well, but we have far outgrown it and need the space to grow further! Chessington is 6000 sq ft with room for a substantial workshop and warehousing, plus an exceptional office space on the 2nd floor.


DRK Chessington T-shirt

This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and resources and is fully sun-powered, with its roof completely covered in solar panels, which we have installed as part of our sustainability initiatives. At DRK Lighting, we are committed to continuing to provide the highest quality lighting solutions to our clients, and this new facility will allow us to continue that commitment. We believe that this will help us to meet the needs of our clients better while also allowing us to continue to grow and expand our business.

This T-shirt itself is different from all the others in our series. This one is crafted from a lightweight Neoteric fabric that wicks away sweat and is made to beat the heat. We have heard that our new Chessington address is like paradise, so we have added the palm trees for effect and to reflect our team’s sunny disposition.

DRK Lighting are Remanufacturers

In bold at the bottom of the top, it states ‘Remanufacturers for life-cycles’ as a nod to hippie culture, their eco-friendly ethos, and how our remanufacturing is extending product lifecycles. DRK is committed to improving the circular economy.

We are delighted with our fantastic Chessington property and the opportunity it brings and are looking forward to continuing to assist our clients in achieving their net zero goals.

If you would like to learn more about how DRK Lighting can help your business achieve its net zero targets, get in touch today at info@drklighting.co.uk.