May 10, 2023

Original Equipment Remanufacturer (OER) DRK Lighting

DRK Lighting is an Original Equipment Remanufacturer (OER). Over the last decade, we have built a strong team of Remanufacturer Technicians with vast experience in the field of upgrades, renewables and upcycling. Our assembly line work speaks for itself with a spectrum of finished luminaires. DRK has carefully re-created one-offs for Grade 1 listed properties and also produced LED upgrades for mass volume projects. We take our OER works very seriously, and nothing goes out of our workshop without rigorous testing and quality control. Our professional Remanufacturer Technicians are experts at disassembly and reassembly. DRK Lighting is proud of its capabilities as an Original Equipment Remanufacturer.


DRK Lighting’s Original Equipment Remanufacture Processing Flowchart

Why are DRK an Original Equipment Remanufacturer?

It’s important to consider remanufacturing lighting fixtures not only for environmental reasons but also for economic ones. By remanufacturing, we extend the life of existing fixtures and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Additionally, it can be more cost-effective to remanufacture a fixture rather than purchasing a brand-new one once you factor in the energy savings associated with carbon costs involved with manufacturing a new fitting.


DRK Original Equipment Remanufactures in process

DRK original equipment remanufactures in process

Requests for Remanufacture are on the increase

There has been a growing demand for lighting remanufactures in recent years due to the increasing importance placed on sustainability and environmental responsibility. As people become more aware of the impact that their actions have on the planet, they are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Remanufacturing lighting fixtures is one way to do this, as it extends the life of existing fixtures and reduces waste. The most sustainable solution is always to use what you’ve already got. Additionally, remanufacturing can be a more cost-effective option for businesses and homeowners looking to upgrade their lighting systems. As such, the demand for lighting remanufactures is likely to continue to grow in the future.


DRK remanufactures almost back to their former glory or better

DRK remanufactures – a few steps away from their former glory or better

DRK’s Original Equipment Remanufacture Kits

At DRK, we’ve taken it one step further by offering conversion kits allowing our clients to upgrade their lighting systems in situ. This means a reduced carbon footprint from transportation and a cost saving for the client. Our electricians and lighting technicians at DRK will teach our client’s own electricians and maintenance people how to remanufacture their fittings and be there to guide them through any issues and any further maintenance.

DRK Lighting’s sustainability credentials are almost unrivalled as we set about renewing thousands of fittings in situ for zero carbon emissions savvy clients. If you need assistance with Lighting Remanufacture, Upgrades or Conversions, please get in touch on We will be delighted to rise to the challenge.