July 4, 2024

Jordan Roper-Knight joins DRK Lighting

This is the second coming of JRK at DRK. He started off his career alongside his old man, our MD Darren Roper-Knight, almost ten years ago.


Eager to broaden his horizons and learn the ropes (no pun intended) and industry knowledge, Jordan ventured beyond DRK to work with other prominent companies in lighting. His journey has been marked by continuous learning and professional growth, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of our market.

Jordan’s lighting knowledge is unparalleled (second only to Darren’s), and his networking skills are exceptional. His return is a significant asset to the company. Jordan has joined us as a Sales Manager and in the coming months, he will be prioritising site visits, a testament to our unwavering commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. Jordan is eager to contribute to our ongoing success and drive new initiatives that will elevate our sales operations.


His time away from DRK has not only honed his expertise but also deepened his appreciation for the values and vision that DRK Lighting embodies. Jordan’s unique position as both a long-time member of the DRK Lighting family and a seasoned industry professional allows him to understand both the importance of maintaining our core values while embracing new technologies and methodologies.


We’re excited to have him as part of the team.