June 21, 2024

So, how good is James, DRK’s new Lighting Restoration Wiz?

DRK forces were at work to identify and recruit a master craftsman. The road led to James Ballan.


He is a pivotal member of our production team, and he has even surprised us with how bloody good he is. So, how good is James?


Put it this way…


If you need someone to 3D print an entirely new endcap for an obscure linear profile, you would need a James.


If you need problem-solving on how to suspend a unique lightbox he has built for you, you would need a James.


If you need a specialist light fitting upgraded, you would need a James.


DRK Lighting and our Remanufacturing division is proud to announce that after much searching, we now have our James.


James joins us with a specialised focus on lighting restoration, a critical aspect of our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the lighting industry. James’s abilities will elevate our remanufacturing capabilities to new heights.


He aims to integrate cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to streamline our processes, ensuring that every remanufactured product meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. His focus on continuous improvement and sustainability will drive our production team towards achieving our ambitious environmental goals.


Please welcome James Ballan to the DRK team.