July 5, 2023

DRK Lighting’s T-shirt Series

At DRK Lighting, we have decided to include a series of six bespoke t-shirts as part of our new uniforms. We want our team to have a uniform they can feel comfortable in and feel proud to wear whilst also promoting the unbeatable products and services that we offer. The range was also created with the summer heat in mind, which is why we have gone for short-sleeved.


DRK Lighting's first summer T-shirt
DRK Lighting’s first summer Tee


We would like to share our first released in-house design, heavily influenced by vintage garage Tee’s, the design features in particular, our offer of value engineering, our sustainability focus and our status as OER’s (Original Equipment Remanufacturers). Our outstanding value engineering is what put us on the map, but our reputation for remanufacturing is now what we have become known for. The top also highlights the year DRK was established; next year will be our 10-year anniversary. Another word close to our hearts is ‘EXCELSIOR’ – we have been saying it to each other (firstly as a joke) almost daily as a greeting, and we liked it so much we now use it for our new ‘Excelsior’ Linear range.


Design inspiration

We are committed to providing high-quality lighting solutions that are not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly. The new t-shirt design is a great way to showcase all of DRK’s offerings while also being part of a stylish uniform our team are happy with.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next DRK Lighting t-shirt design on our Latest News page or on our instagram!